Billing to MN MA for nurse practitioner from a behavioral health facility

linda 7 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Lisa Smith 7 years ago 4

IS anyone a behavioral health facility and billing for a nurse practitioner.  We got denied claims for MN MA and were told to either remove rendering provider or bill nurse practitioner as Nurse practitioner.  Any suggestions?  T

Yes, we have. Only for add-on psychotherapy codes though. What codes are being denied for you?

Procentive told me to remove the rendering provider however we would then have to add another insurance payer just for the nurse practitioner.  That would be a pain as these clients see not only the nurse practitioner but other mental health providers or are in our Substance abuse program.

That's strange for those codes. I have tried calling MA about this several times and I get the same response every time (and not very nicely). They tell me they need proof that the nurse practitioner is practicing in their "scope of practice" because they are listed as "family practice", not mental health. So unless your NP has a PMHNP certificate, I am not sure what other proof they are looking for. My nurse practitioner just bills 99214 or 99215 now.