How are agencies using the certifications tab in the staff module?

Kim Ross 9 years ago in Staff Module updated 9 years ago 2
I'd like to know how this feature is being used. Is it used for tracking credentialling expirations in connection with workflow? Other?
We have hundreds of staff credentials to keep track of and this feature is great when used in combination with the
6210 Staff License Expiration
Retrieves a list of licenses due to expire (or expired) based on location, program, or staff group. This is based on info entered in the Staff Module, Certifications Tab.
We have a staff who is responsible for running this report once a month and then following up with staff who have upcoming expiration dates. Also allow you to track multiple licenses with different expiration dates for one staff
Has it been your experience that all crendentialers let you know when the credentialing expires so you're able to enter that data and reliably depend on it being accurate?