DBT claims with Straight MA denying CO 8

crystalp 7 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated by Sheryl Martin 7 years ago 1

Has anyone else recently (in the last month or 2) received denials for DBT services (H2019 U1 and H2019 U1 HQ) from straight MA with denial reason CO 8? We called a month ago and got case #'s bc they didn't know the issue. Called today and they was still not un update on the cases we gave them but the rep I talked to mentioned 'they' recently termed DBT certifications for providers and didn't let any providers or 'us' (I think she means the call center reps) know. She said they have been getting a lot of calls bc of this.  One denied claim she checked for us, she said it shows the provider DBT certification termed 10/14/14, which we know it really has not termed. Rep stated they want providers to resend in their DBT certifications again. 

Getting a lot of CO8 denials, but ours aren't DBT.  Also have case numbers.  Hope they resolve soon!