KNOWN ISSUE: MN MA Eligibility Errors

Ashley M 7 years ago in Known Issues 0

For consolidated providers MN MA (DHS) has ongoing problems with eligibility, which is causing some consolidated providers to be unable to check eligibility (except through IVR). The details from DHS are as follows:

Some MN–ITS transactions involving consolidated providers are experiencing issues, including: Eligibility Request (270), Authorization Request (278) and Service Agreement Request (278).
Consolidated providers who need to check eligibility or check the status of an authorization request or service agreement may call the Provider Call Center at 651-431-2700 or 800-366-5411

We have confirmed with DHS that this does apply to batch eligibility which how eligibility is checked through Procentive. If you wish to monitor the progress of this, you can find it on the MHCP Provider News and Updates page.

Once we know this has been fully resolved we will update this post.

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