Integrated Credit Card Processing

Kari Droubie 7 years ago in User Group Help updated by sarah 3 years ago 6

My organization is considering Integrated Credit Card Processing.  For those of you currently using this feature, would you recommend it?  What are the pros and cons you would suggest considering before moving forward?


I am so glad that we moved to Integrated CC processing through Procentive.  A lot of the clients like having their cc information stored, it is fast and easy to run a co-payment, payment, etc.  And for me, as the bookkeeper, this new process has saved me at least 1 to 2 hours of "time" each week, compared to the other system and how we processed.  There can be a minor glitch or two occasionally, but CMS and Procentive have worked a lot of this out.  Each morning I receive the batch report from CMS, in my email, and I run Procentive Reports 1270 and 1560 to make sure the numbers match.  I would encourage you to make the move and you use this system.


How do you receive a "batch report" each morning from CMS?

Do you mean Nexio?



My daily batch report comes to my email from the following:


I match our copy of the payment receipt from both CMS and Procentive to each daily report, to make sure the payment went through both systems correctly.


Thanks for the feedback Paula, this is helpful information!

As soon as I saw that Procentive was going to offer integrated processing, I jumped at it! We love not having to have an external system for this, and the rates were actually a bit lower for us, I think. One of the best parts is that when you run a CC, Procentive now automatically records the auth number, meaning we do not have to remember to record this. The option to retain CC numbers is super nice for clients who authorize us to do so, and it really helps for those who are physically not present to run their card (e.g. parents of teen clients, telehealth clients, etc). CMS is very nice to work with and has a beautiful portal where you can see all transactions sent through the system, should there ever be a discrepancy or concern. 

There have been a number of glitches along the way as Procentive has gotten their interface to work the way users have requested, so hopefully those are out of the way now. 

I really appreciate Paula's idea above about running those Procentive reports and checking them against the batch report from CMS. Great way to double check that everything did make it through. But other than that, this system will save you time and possibly even some money. 


Thanks for the feedback Jen, again, this is really helpful to know that it has been a time saver!