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I have been told that we need to copy a clients DL along with Insurance card when they come in as new clients. I have a client who has refused and doesn't want her DL copied. Is there something that I can show her in writing that we are required to get this. She called BCBS and was told she does not need to provide this to us. I need to get back to her on this, any thoughts or suggestions?

My understanding is that this is due to a Federal Red Flags Rule that helps to protect against identity/insurance theft. Not sure where that is shown in writing... maybe search for that term and see what you find?

About a year and a half ago, I attended a BCBS seminar and they gave me their Power Point presentation information in a packet.  

One of the pages specifically talks about Registration Tips and states "Photo ID to verify identity of member" among other tips.

There is another page that specifically mentioned Healthcare Fraud performed by Members, and a couple items listed are "Identity Theft" and "Borrowing an ID card".  

It's legitimate to ask for the clients ID to protect them from health insurance fraud, etc.   However, I don't know that it's required to COPY their ID.  If an employee doesn't know the client, then it's appropriate to ask to see the ID.

I have the pages and can e-mail them to you if you'd like.

Hi Kali

Thank you, that would be awesome!!

This client wants to see it in writing.....


I was under the impression you need to copy the ID in order to be able to later collect on a negligent bill.

that is another reason I like to have it!!

You will find a statement In the 2017 Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider Service Agreement Renewal, Page 2, Article lll 

A. Verification of Eligibility