Form K100130 GAD-7 Anxiety-Allows clients to select 2 or more answers

Stephanie B 7 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated by anonymous 7 years ago 4

Does anyone else use this Procentive form? Clients can select two or more answers for each question which creates an invalid score. To correct this programming error, Procentive is requiring us to create a custom form just for our agency. Before we did, I wanted to get feedback from other agencies as I imagine this is a correction that everyone would want, not just us. 


We use the GAD-7. I wasn't aware that this was creating a programming error. Procentive not fixing the form for everyone is a way to become very unpopular very quickly.


Good Morning!

I reviewed the ticket regarding the GAD-7 request. It looks like the Form Builder on the ticket said that she would request that our team create a new version of the form if the printed grid was not mandatory. She was correct that we would need to make a new copy as we cannot change standard forms in order to preserve the data saved.

To clarify, there is not a programming error on the current GAD-7. When standardized forms are used, we try to make them look as close to the original copy as possible. The form does auto-calculate correctly provided the correct selections are made.

We are currently developing a form that will use radio buttons instead of check boxes to help reduce input error. This form will print without the grid lines. I will post the form number here when it has been created and released.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns and I will be happy to help further!

Thank you,

Anne Foss

Product Delivery Manager

Good Morning!

A new form PRO-1057 GAD-7 Anxiety has been created to have radio buttons instead of check boxes so only one selection may be made for each question. If you would like this turned on in your databases, please submit a ticket and our Support Desk will be happy to help.

Thank you!


THANK YOU PROCENTIVE! Much appreciated!