Client Module/Program Tab and reporting

Calah Hansen 7 years ago in Reporting Module updated by mmckennan 7 years ago 3

Does anyone use the "Inactive" checkbox and dates hyperlink in the Client Module/Program Tab?  We started using this keep track of when client enter and exit programs and also returning clients to the program.  How does this feature work for everyone?  Are there any standard procentive reports that will help me figure out a list of clients enrolled in a program during a specific length of time based on the dates?

We use it.  The function stops the reporting requirements for staff and therapists.  However, to track the discharged clients, we create a new Program "DISCHARGED" and admit them to that program.  We do follow up post discharge, and this works well for us. The other thing that "discharge" does is stop the client from appearing on the Time Module.. we are residential, so we must compensate for that to maintain our census.

Thank you for the information!  Are there any reports that you use to track who was enrolled in the program during a specific date range?

That is done at corporate, so I do not know what they are.