Workflow not working

Rochelle Garcia 7 years ago in Workflow Module updated by Ben Simpson 7 years ago 5


Has anyone experienced the workflow module not working today? All of our staff has complained about their workflows popping up from 2014.  Even after sorting and filtering it still shows all of the projects in the module.

We are not getting workflow either

Hi Rochelle and Bobbi,

Are each of you able to submit tickets on this and provide us with as much detail as possible? We want to make sure we get this resolved quickly for you and that is best done through ticketing.



I have already submitted a ticket.   Thanks


Workflow has been an ongoing problem for us this last past year. Workflow does not trigger when it is suppose to and they come hours or days late. A month ago we received thousands of old projects and tasks that were dated as far back as 2014 due to a system upgrade, and this weekend the option to change the status of projects and tasks were missing which meant there was no way to filter through the thousands of projects and tasks in workflow.

We are currently looking into creating a new process for our clinicians and interns to complete documents because workflow is too unreliable. 

This is unfortunate because I like the idea of having our clinical staff go to one place to complete documents but the amount of glitches requires me to micro manage this module which is not a good use of my time.

I have had a similar experience, Pam. Some clinicians found Workflow helpful, but the vast majority found it a nuisance due to such errors. 

Instead, we have created an accountability mechanism using support staff and Procentive reports.