Workflow options for Authorizations

Calah Hansen 7 years ago in Workflow Module updated by Jana 7 years ago 3

HI all,

We would like to have a Workflow to remind staff when an authorization form needs to be completed to request more sessions.  We currently use the MN Universal Form, UCare Auth Form and the DHS MA Auth Form.  I am trying to figure out how to set-up a workflow so that the right form is attached to the related record.  Thanks for your ideas!


I believe this option is available already.

If your client module/client/payer tab/authorizations is set-up and completed


your individual payer/notification tab/authorizations field is set-up and completed to notify at however many 'units or sessions left', your staff should receive an alert upon entering in their service line.

Billers should also be able to see error on the service line in the Time Module.

And I think this can be added to common workflow also.

We have it set-up this way but only have the last auth documented in the auth field, client specific under payer tab.

I would also be interested in workflow that presents the correct form per payer.

So the workflow is currently set-up and reminding staff that the client is running out of units.  The feature that we would like is to have the "Related record" show up with the Clinical/Charting Authorization Form that corresponds with the Client Payer.  Does that make sense?  Currently the "Related record" that shows up on the workflow is the Client Module Record.

I'm not familiar with your Auth forms in Clinical-Charting, but in order for a workflow to include a clinical-charting form, it has to be built with a reference to that clinical-charting form.  The Auths running out that you reference I believe is a "general" Procentive workflow that is tied to the Client Module because that's the Auth "home" - where they are set up and tracked.   Not sure if this is helpful!  :)