Documenting admin staff contact w/ clients

Kim Ross 7 years ago in User Group Help updated by sarah 7 years ago 7

How do you effectively use Procentive to document contact between clients and administrative staff staff? Or, contact between administrative staff and a client's payer? I find that clients give me and other administrative staff substantive information about a variety of things - clinical, administrative, financial, etc!  A goal is to keep documentation of client interaction attached to the client record and available to all staff associated with the client.

Use Notes tab so that anyone who views the clients notes can have access to that information.  

How do you manage when there are many notes & they "stack up"?

Our agency uses the Notes Tab in the Client's profile as well. 

Our Admin creates a service note in Clinical Charting

You may add to previous notes on the Notes Tab, for example adding information to an already existing Insurance Note. It is a great way to be able to see if insurance lapsing is a cyclical event. We just start each notation with the date, and then put the information obtained, followed by our initials. We always start the new addition at the top of the note, so the newest information is at the top. Our Intake Department keeps their notes in the Clinical/Charting Module.

What document does your intake dept use to document in clinical charting? Service note? Collateral contact note?

They use our Miscellaneous Note - ours is L204-1320, if that helps.