Batch Signing: Corresponding tickets

Erin Anderson 7 years ago in Clinical Charting Module updated 7 years ago 4

I occasionally utilize batch signing for reviewing and locking large quantities of clinical progress notes.  However, I then have to go to the ticketing module and mark each ticket "Complete" (a time consuming and tedious process).  Is there a way to complete or delete these tickets similar to batch signing?

You can select multiple projects in the workflow module, similarly to how you select multiple documents for batch signature, and then click the "change" button at the top and change the status to whatever you want to change it to and it will apply to all that you selected.

In the Ticket Module I don't believe there is a way to do that. I wish Procentive would make this possible as it would save a ton of time!


Hey Erin!

I don't have the clinicians ticket me anymore about notes anymore. I just go into their clinical charting and then batch sign from there. Realized the ticketing process is way more tedious and unnecessary when it comes to prog note review and signing.


Agreed!  Ticketing only seems to be useful for critical documents and not daily documentation....