document sharing & collaboration within your agency

Kim Ross 7 years ago in Industry News/Discussion updated 7 years ago 10

What do you use within your company that is HIPAA compliant to collaborate and share documents? Options include internal servers verses cloud based computing. Obviously, these would be used in addition to Procentive. :)

Hi Kim, 

We use Google Drive. Works very well for our organization. I would highly recommend that over having your own hardware in-house. 

Do you have a BA with Google? How many user accounts to you have?

Hi Kim,

We have 102 users and they do provide a BA. 

Hi Kim, We have 10 but I think it is unlimited

It is, they will take as much money as you want to give them :)

Ben - Will you please email? I have a couple more questions for you.



Same, we use Google Drive. If you are company that uses active directory, you may want to consider OneDrive.

We Use Google Drive as well. Works great and you can select specific groups for viewing