Has anyone starting storing credit cards in the vault?

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Did you have clients fill out a form with all the necessary information or do you take it verbally?

Also, has anyone set up any re-occurring accounts?

We have a credit card authorization section as part of our registration paperwork.  Every client besides those with state insurance is required to have a card on file (vaulted) so we have hundreds vaulted! We do not do re-occurring payments.

Steph, is the purpose for requiring a cc on file/vaulted to run payments if the account goes unpaid after a certain # of days?


We do not send invoices. We collect at every appointment (copay, coins, deductible balance dues,late cancel/no show fees or fee for service) and/or any remaining balances on the last Wednesday of every month. 

Many clients are teenagers and so we need their parents cc's on file. Many appointments are after-hours and so we need a cc on file. Many clients go into their appts without checking in at the front desk- so we need their cc on file. 

And most clients prefer us running their card on file instead of them having to deal with a payment at each session (pull out their wallet, find cc, run, sign, receipt etc..). 

When you say "we collect" do you mean you run their card at every appointment?  And then last Wednesday of the month, you run cards for any remaining balances due?  Any issues that arose with this policy? 

Yes, I mean we run their card at their appointments. (Of course, if they have full coverage insurance, have met their out of pocket max or just don't have a balance we don't collect). 

We clearly state in our paperwork (that each client signs) that we do not send invoices but collect at appointments or the last Wednesday of every month. There will still be some calls from clients wondering about the charge and we re-inform them at that call. I might end up with 2-3 clients who say they want a call before we collect. For those few, I call them before running the card. Some people request a receipt mailed, emailed or just to be available for pickup at their next appt here. 

Of course, some cards on file become inactive or have insufficient funds. In those cases, I do send an invoice and then note their next appointment that we need a new card on file. 

Do you also give clients an option to make electronic payments from a checking or savings account?  Or is it only credit cards?  Not sure if Procentive has the ability to also vault bank account info for the same sort of purpose. 

Just credit or debit cards. I don't think Procentive can store bank account and routing numbers.

It sort of looks like you can?  I'm looking further into this, just informs our process for our form and whether we give this as an option.  I can follow up with you if you are interested to know if it is an option or not - just let me know.  https://support.procentive.com/Biller/Payments/Use_Electronic_Client_Payment

There is an option to be able to use checking accounts for payments with CMS/Procentive but it's an additional cost, I believe.

Hi everyone - a lot of helpful information on this thread! 

Kaia is right - you can store account and routing numbers in the CMS software integration.

If any of you are interested in reaching out to CMS directly to talk about costs/pricing you can use this landing page that we have setup: 


Thank you all for the great discussion! We love seeing our customers work together.


Thanks all - I'm new to this system, so trying to get my bearings!  We do have the CMS integration, so that is what we're working with, trying to develop a good process for collecting info, vaulting account info, what to save and where, when to run payments efficiently, etc.  So all very helpful!  Caleb - if you know of any procentive articles/how to's that would support this process, please send them my way! 

Hi Kaia - The article that you posted in here a few comments up is very helpful. We also did a webinar where we spent a large chunk of the time explaining how the processing works in Procentive. You can view that here: 


Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help! 

We created a 'monthly auto payment authorization' form that the client or parent of client needs to fill out with all the cc info,  billing address and client info, and sign. we give them 2 options of dates, the 10th or 20th of each month to run the payment. we give the option of choosing to pay: monthly balance from that months statement, $50, $100, $200 or Other amount. we also have the start date on the form. If it's okayed by our clinic owner, I could share the form on here. 

I so far have saved 1 cc in the vault and ran it. I will save each cc in the vault as during the first time I run payment on their first monthly auto payment date.

Since Procentive does not have a way to run auto payments (it has to be ran manually by staff) we have created a spreadsheet with client # and other info to know who is signed up for monthly auto pay. Mostly, I have to remember on the 10th or 20th (or business day following) to look up which clients to run payments for.

If your clinic owner doesn't mind, could you share the form?  I work with Tina, and we are hoping to revamp this system in our clinic, and the notes about how each of you handles payments in your clinic are very helpful!  What works for you will likely work for us, so any advice is greatly appreciated.  

When clients are checking in, how does your front desk know who has an agreement on file?  Do you just open that spreadsheet every time? 

Tons of good information! Steph, if you could share the form, that would be awesome.  We have adolescent IOPs and therapist in a handful of schools, so this is going to be wonderful!

what is your email? 

I've ticketed Procentive to see if there is a way to add the form as an editable version (for clinic name, etc). I think it would be nice if the work is already done and they could utilize it for the other clinics.

kellis@watersedgechc.com - thanks so much!  Yes, it's so helpful not to have to reinvent the wheel

Sorry, I meant Crystal regarding the form