Client Portal

Rochelle Garcia 7 years ago in Client Portal updated by crystalp 7 years ago 2

Are many agencies using the client portal? If you are, how did you implement/let your clients know that this is a new option? Im most excited for clients to have access to pay online but not sure how to get this information out to clients.  My understanding is for clients to have this access the must have a log in account.  Did you send out emails to clients? Looking for suggestions / recommendations! Thanks!

I spoke with the clients as they came in for appointments, or when they called in to schedule appointments.  A sign in the waiting room is a good idea, too.  It is very easy and you only need the client's email address.  They receive an email with instructions on how to set up their account.  For scheduling appointments, each clinician will have to set their availability and select "available for self-scheduling" as the option.  If there are time that you do not want clients to be able to set up appointments through the portal, the clinician would select "not available for self-scheduling"

This will need to be set up in your clinic, prior to use, by an administrator.

We have put inserts in the monthly statements, have the inserts (1/3 sheet of paper) available at the front desk and have therapists talking to their clients about it. We have the therapists invite the clients, not admin.