Are any other Procentive customers providing IOP services (psychiatric Intensive Outpatient)?

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Yes, our agency provides IOP services.

Yes, we have eating disorder, depression/trauma IOPs for adults and adolescents

We have an IOP DBT program.

We also have an IOP DBT program.

Why do you ask?

Are you contracted with MA? If so, what code do you bill?

We bill code H2012 to PMAP's and MA and S9480 to private insurance companies.

We are not DBT or CTSS certified, so they will not contract with us

For our DBT program we bill H2019 U1 and H2019 U1 HQ - but we have to get authorizations through KePRO in order to bill.

Thanks everyone for your responses on this.  We recently started a psychiatric IOP program and we are working on our documentation packet - trying to streamline for this service and determine how it is different or same as documentation for our other outpatient counseling services.  If anyone has insight and/or samples or would be willing to let us look at your paperwork for this service, that would be great.   Thank you again.


Is anyone willing to share what you are using for documentation for these clients?  (assessment, ITP, notes)

Is it different than what you use for other services you provide?

Did you have it created or were you able to use something that Procentive already had?

thanks for any additional feedback!

Hello Jana,

We use to provide psychiatry service but could not make the service pay for itself so we had to discontinue offering it which was so disappointing as it was a great service to offer to help our clients.  Anyhow, we use Procentive forms to support this work.   I recall the forms were already created.   If I can help in any way with giving Procentive the permission to access what we used; (if this is applicable and not one of their routine forms); I am more than willing to do so!   I hope this info is helpful to you.   respectfully,   Cheryl at Therapeutic Services Agency,

Tessa, Sarah, Kim, Tina (and anyone else who has provided IOP through Procentive) - if you are willing to talk more with me, please send me your email address @ jjudisch@thevillagefamily.org   (Cheryl, I have your email address from the user group meetings)