Eligibility Module

Rochelle Garcia 7 years ago in Clients Module updated 7 years ago 7

I was wondering for those using the Eligibility Module...do you do batch inquires, if so, how often? Monthly or weekly? Im trying to figure out an efficient way of running eligibility.  With the current filter of "primary staff" or "payer" it will just check everyone and I dont want to check those who havent been seen in over 6 months or so.  We have 2 Locations and several programs so it gets to be more work to try to filter by these options.  Just looking for suggestions.  Thanks!

If a client has not been seen in over 6 months, they should be discharged and made inactive. Then you only need to run it for active clients

Do you know of a report to run find out which clients havent been seen in over 6 months?

There is also an appointment date range filter. 

We use the appt date range filter and check each month at the beginning of the month for the upcoming month's appointments.