Two providers conducting the same session for a shared client

Stephanie B 7 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by anonymous 7 years ago 2

Is it allowed for two providers who work at my clinic, who have a shared client, to conduct a session TOGETHER at the same time? If yes, what is the best way to bill?

Since StephC has not, as far as I can tell, received a response to this very pragmatic question, I will take a stab at it. 

It may be, clinically/therapeutically, very helpful to provide a service in which two providers meet with the client/patient at the same time, but the insurance company may or may not consider this to be a "medically necessary" service.  In addition, billing for two services on the same day may or may not be a "covered benefit"  - the company may (or may not) have a policy which excludes payment for a second service on the same day.  Finally, the purpose of the service may make a difference - for example, if it is therapy vs. CTSS vs a crisis service vs. routine family therapy vs. feedback from testing, etc. 

My advice is to check the policies of the insurance company to see whether there is a specific policy that answers your question (most likely there will not be a policy) and then call the provider relations staff to ask them whether they can provide guidance about this question. 

Thank you! Those were my thought as well.