Adding Staff to Multiple Clients

Sam 7 years ago in Clients Module updated by Missy 5 years ago 2

Is it possible to add multiple clients to one staff other than doing it individually for each client? We have about 40+ clients and around 35 staff and every time we hire a new employee, I have to add them to each client 1 by 1. Is it possible to add 40 something clients to 1 new staff all at once vs. adding 1 new staff to 40 different clients individually?

Following- Is there a work around for this?

Thank you!

When all of your staff work with all of your clients, you can set up a Role with this permission and assign that role to the new staff rather than adding this staff name to each client's record.  If you would like more information, please create a support ticket.  That will allow us to take a look at how you currently have your roles set up and provide direction.