Any success with PrimeWest billing chgs and CD/BH claims?

SEHowes 7 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by TessaLasky 7 years ago 4

I've not been able to get a claim through the clearinghouse since the April 14th change to requiring personal NPI's.  Our clinicians/supervisors don't have ind NPI's.  Does anyone know of a work-around?  When I called the PW provider desk they weren't even aware of the change and therefore were no help. Also, just to test it out, I entered our facility NPI w/a facility name and submitted a claim and it was still rejected. 

Have your staff obtain NPI numbers.  LADC can obtain an NPI number.  Many if not most now erquire the rendering clinicians NPI submitted on the claim.


Hoping to find a work around.....

The process for your staff to sign up/obtain there own NPI # is likely as simple as trying to devise a work around.  Again, many payers are now requiring the rendering clinicians NPI # so likely the obtaining of staff NPI will likely serve you better in the long run.  Just a thought.

It is very easy to get NPI numbers for staff. I do the credentialing for our agency and I just direct them to the NPI registry website at https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov/#/

It takes maybe 10 minutes to fill out the information and then they send an email with the NPI number.