KNOWN ISSUE: BCBS of MN Claims Sent with H0046 Have Rejections

Ashley M (Project Coordinator) 6 years ago in Known Issues updated 6 years ago 2

Yesterday we were made aware of the following Claim Rejection in the Electronic Module which appeared on all claims sent to BCBS of MN (ID SB720) that contain code H0046 (Travel):

Rejected for Missing Information  The Claim/Encounter is missing information specified in the Status details and has been rejected Status: Detailed description of service

The rejection was due to a coding update which inadvertently removed the "TRAVEL" narrative that follows code H0046 on claims.

Please resend any claims with this rejection message for code H0046 to resolve this rejection - no changes need to be made.

Thank you!



This is now resolved.

THank you I was just going to post this as all my claims have rejected! great to know!