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Can anyone tell me how Telehealth (phone therapy) is paying VS. traditional face-to-face therapy?

From what I understand, the payout is the same; you just bill with a GT modifier. When you say "phone therapy", do you mean just a phone call- not a video/web-based session? If yes, what licensures are allowed to do this kind of therapy? A BC rep told me last week that LMFT's can bill for a telephone call session with a client who is at their house. The BC manual seems to say that it has to be a video/web-based session and the client has to be at a remote facility- NOT their home.. Every time I call, I get a slightly different answer. One rep told me to bill an E/M code that MD's bill. Confused. 

Thank you StephC for your comment. Yes, we would provide the video/web-based session.  Sorry that I did not include that in the original question. I do understand the "get a slightly different answer", from insurance reps.  I Appreciate your input!