You can enter a copay adjustment--it will add a second service line and this will allow it to show up on a statement. The remaining balance will still show as pending (with insurance) on the original service line, minus the copay adjustment.

Downside--You won't have a remittance/reference # to put it and it would likely need to be edited when the insurance payment comes in, but it is possible.  You could type in Pt. responsibility and the select Copay Adjustment

Thanks Laura. Wondering if anyone has tried this and if it becomes a posting nightmare.

When the insurance payment comes you still enter the remittance # so there will always be the link/documentation for the insurance payment--we have only done this a couple times, but it has worked fine. 

Other option would be to print the statement and then take the Copay adjustment out--that will remove anything you have done and everything will be the same as prior to printing the statement.