Ann 7 years ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated 7 years ago 4

We are not getting outpatient BCBS ERAs in Procentive.  Payments are posting, we have to go onto Availity to download the ERAs.  Is anyone else having this problem?  For example, we have check  date 5.9 for Bluelink TPA and CCSTPA, but no ERA is in Procentive.

We had one client who's ERA did not go to Procentive. Payment was from 01/11/17. Wondering if there are maybe more, and this wasn't a one-time thing. Thanks for posting!

How far back have you both had to go with these? I will have to see if there are any that didn't come through for our agency.

It started this month.

January 2017 is the first we've noticed. I am going to cross-reference that client with our SLMH grant, though. I'm afraid we may have sent come of the charges to our grant budget, thinking they were not covered by BCBS. If I find a pattern, I'll definitely post a comment.