Product Updates Effective 5/10/2017

Alicia Swanson 7 years ago in Procentive News 0

In an effort to further improve performance, Procentive has made changes to the Eligibility Module and Clinical Charting Module. Most of these improvements will not be visible to you (they are behind-the-scenes improvements to the code). But there are a few changes we want you to know about:

-Eligibility Module- You will only be able to re-sort (by clicking on the column-header) with the client and payer columns.

-Eligibility Module- Instead of showing all client appointments for the date range, Procentive will display only the next three appointments. If you need to see all of the client's appointments, you can still access them by clicking on the client number, which then opens the client dashboard.

-Eligibility Module- The Quick Search and Advanced Search will no longer be available. As an alternative, we suggest using the search tools at the top of the screen (for client and payer). Or you an use the "Find" tool in your browser, by clicking CTRL +F on most PCs, and Command +F on the Mac. The Find tool is a great way to search for a client's payer ID, for example.

-Clinical Charting- Searching is now more optimized with greater speed when loading the results and allowing you wider searching for all staff, all clients, NOW up to a 90 day range.

If you have any questions or comments, please send a ticket through the Procentive Support Desk. Thank you!