KNOWN ISSUE: Procentive experiencing slowness

Jessica Sommerfeld 7 years ago in Known Issues updated 7 years ago 7

We apologize for the slowness you may be experiencing in Procentive. This is intermittent and we're working to address the issue and resolve as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience as we work through this today.

Under review

Speed has been improving over the last 35 minutes. We'll continue to monitor this throughout the day as this was originally an intermittent issue this morning.

I am getting error messages every minute or so. I have logged out and logged back in but that hasn't helped either.

Several people at our organization have been receiving errors in the last few minutes.

It did improve a bit over the last half hour but now has gone the other way again.

We're aware that the slowness has returned. This may continue throughout the day intermittently as we work to determine the cause and input a resolution. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and delay this has caused. Thank you for your patience as we work through this today.

It has come to our attention that for some users the slowness also involves multiple, intermittent error messages in Procentive. As speeds continue to improve these error messages should also resolve. We want to thank all of you for working with us through this, we greatly appreciate it.


Procentive appears to be operating normally this morning. We will continue to monitor this throughout the day to be sure all items are fully resolved. Thank you for your patience, we greatly appreciate it!