KNOWN ISSUE: MN MA Eligibility Issues

Jessica Sommerfeld 7 years ago in Known Issues updated 7 years ago 9

We have received the following information from MN MA/DHS regarding eligibility:

Attention MN Medicaid Real Time Eligibility users:

MN Medicaid’s Real Time Eligibility applications are currently experiencing timeout issues. Users are reporting failure rates of approximately 50%. Our Operations staff have been notified and are working to correct the issue. We will send further information as it becomes available.

We still have a ton of trouble looking up eligibility for our clients all at once. It almost never works. Is there a reason for this? Am I doing something wrong? I am always having to go to the MN-its website and do it individually for each client.

How do you do it all at once? Ive been doing it through the client module, payer tab, but I didn't know this was even an option!!

There is an Eligibility Module.

Click on MA only, Click on the Check box to select all. Then click the work Check.

Ok--I might cry, lol---you just saved me HOURS!!!!! this is great!

what happens after you click on 'check', because I'm not seeing anything occur. It looks like that is where you can check off when you have determined eligibility? Or what am missing?

A pinwheel should start spinning for each client it is checking. Once the pinwheel is done spinning it will say, response 5/1/17. If the client is Inactive, it will say Inactive in bold red letters. https://support.procentive.com/Biller/Quick_Guide/Run_Eligibility

Update: MN Medicaid will be performing system maintenance beginning at 9:00pm CDT to address the timeout issues occurring today. Downtime for this maintenance period is expected to last 2 hours. Until then, users may continue to experience sporadic timeout responses.


We have not yet received an official notice that MN MA's system has been updated and the issue resolved however, it appears that eligibility is working normally again this morning and it appears that they have resolved their internal eligibility system issues. You may run eligibility as usual right now through Procentive.