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Would anyone with experience using Client Kiosk let us know how they use it in a waiting room setting? We are looking to implement this soon, and if you would share your stumbles or successes I would appreciate it. We are planning to start with the waiting room model, and possibly add the client portal type forms later. Thanks to anyone who cares to contribute.

We use an iPad for clients who've not completed the forms via the email link to the portal. We just have them come in a few minutes early to complete them on the iPad. It has worked well for us and is small and portable enough for us to lock away in a little file drawer when not in use.

We use Chromebooks. We created an email just for the purpose of sending kiosk ppwk for people who are filling it out in the waiting room. That way we don't have to have them login to their own email account and find the ppwk. Its waiting for them on the Chromebook when they arrive.

Thank you Lesa_i and StephC. I appreciate the information.

Steph, Could I ask you a follow-up question? That is an interesting method. Does that mean you don't have to worry about the kiosk mode where you sign into Procentive on the device? Basically you are sending them a link to fill out paperwork correct? They open a link and it takes them to a webpage that allows them to securely enter the data? They don't have to email it back to you.

We were looking at the Kiosk mode as defined in the help file with a tablet. In that method we log into Procentive on the tablet, set it into kiosk mode, then give it to the client. I am just looking for any way that gets the job done securely and efficiently.

Yes, we don't have to login to Procentive on our chromebook. We log in to our kiosk email account only.

How do you set Procentive into Kiosk mode? I've not heard of that and I definitely should know about it.


I went into the training section and read the one PDF support document on it. That is all I could find so far. It seems like an older doc too. You can read through it, but it doesn't seem like it would apply to your method. It would be another way of doing it entirely. I believe I'll just test both and see what works better.

Thank you. I have recently been directed to the Knowledge Hub to find all my answers about Procentive so didn't think to go to the Training Module. Found it.

We use laptops that have internet access but not access to our servers and they are blocked for all other websites. We set them to kiosk mode and then send the forms to the kiosk for clients to fill out. We have a number of computers set up for this purpose at our outpatient facility where multiple clients may need to be filling out documents at the same time. We have a staff member available to help answer questions however, generally clients are able to do these on their own fairly proficiently. To set up kiosk mode, you do that in the settings module. It's fairly easy as long as you get the order right.

Thanks Bobbi. I like the idea of a laptop or at least an attached keyboard for ease of typing. We do have the ability to block all other sites here as well, and that would be a good use for it.

Some of our offices have more than one support staff at a location. Do the kiosks work well in that scenario? Does the person that logs into the kiosk initially have to send the form? In that case we may need one kiosk per staff member checking people in.

Our office manager tells me that generally, the same person who is sending the documents should be the one logged into the kiosk and they must stay logged into Procentive on both ends until all of the documents have been completed or it causes errors to occur. One staff member can be logged into more than one kiosk but you can't have more than one staff member sending documents to the same kiosk, if that makes sense.

We are about to start using the kiosk to have patients complete paperwork when they arrive, and are weighing the pros and cons of tablets and laptops. For those of you using a kiosk, do you have a writing surface for people to set the device on, or does it work well to hold a tablet or use a laptop on one's lap? Any other advice?


We use a table and a laptop in a "kiosk room" where we have several laptops set up.  We have, however, played with the idea of tablets.  Our biggest concern was having the tablets dropped or walk away.  I don't think, at least with our forms, that having a laptop on the lap would be convenient for our clients but the tablet may be ok if it's not too small but can still be held in one hand.


We use lap desks that sit on the client's laps. We don't have room for a separate kiosk room.