Interpretive services

Stephanie T. 7 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by KELLY PERFETTI 6 years ago 3

Has anyone had to bill UBH for interpretive services? We have our first client coming in with an interpreter and we need to bill their insurance.UBH was not helpful in what code(s) we should be billing.

We have had a third party come in and interpret for the client and clinician, however, the company doing the interpreting billed for the service rather than us.

I believe it is code: T1013

Hope this helps!

Stephanie, did you have any success in billing these services? We have one client we would like to bill for but not sure how to go about doing it.
The only insurances that will pay for interpreter services are Medicaids.  If they don't have a state medicaid the facility will be responsible for the the drive time and the session time.  It can get very costly.  T1013 1 unit equals 15 minutes