Clinical supervisors vs Billing supervisors

Kim Ross 7 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by anonymous 7 years ago 4

With clinical trainees, is the clinical supervisor (the one who fills the role of CS as defined by MN Statute) often times different than the billing supervisor? If so, what criteria do you use to choose a billing supervisor NPI to travel with the claim.

In the Procentive staff module, there are 2 fields: one for billing super and one for clinical super. In the payer module, there is also a field for billing supervisor which is the NPI that gets billed with a clinical trainee's service lines.

I'd like to hear how agencies are using the Procentive features, and how they decide which NPI to send with the claim.



Kim, my understanding is that they can be different. One fills the role of clinical supervision for licensure purposes while the other (in some cases) will be the clinician who the supervisee bills under. The NPI of the billing supervisor is the one (in my understanding) whose NPI goes with the claim. They can also be one and the same though. I'm currently billing and clinical supervisor for two people who are working on hours toward their licensure, but other staff at our agency have two separate supervisors. LMFT is a good example. MFT Supervisee bills under LPCC but needs clinical supervision with an LMFT so in that case two separate supervisors are needed but the billing goes under the NPI of the billing supervisor. This is my understanding and I'm curious to know what other's do as well.

The way I understand it is that the Billing supervisor field will appear on the claim, the Clinical supervisor in Procentive's use is just for permissions use. It would indeed be very useful for us to be able to list more than one Clinical supervisor as staff often span multiple programs with different supervisors doing doc review.

The wording on fields is confusing for supervisors, as many assume the clinical supervisor would be the one that goes on the claim. On the admin side we often have to straighten that out.

Agreed on both points.

For example, we have staff who provide CTSS and DBT clients and have differing supervisory requirements and different supervisors for each.

We bill with the Billing Supervisor NPI. We have staff who work in different programs, and would love it if there would be more than one Billing Supervisor listed, as well. Maybe that is something to suggest in the Enhancement Requests Category of this User Community?