Topaz Signature Pads

anordman 7 years ago in Meaningful Use updated by NP Support 7 years ago 2

For those of you using the Topaz Signature Pads at your clinic/agency, which ones do you find work well? I've been told the following models are compatible with Procentive:



T-LBK460-BT-R is a wireless option.

Am also looking for feedback on where your clinic/agency purchased yours from.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

We use T-S460-HSB-Rs, and a portable version of the same thing. They seem to work well enough, but don't display the signature as someone signs, so some people have trouble with or are confused by that.

We have used the T-S460-HSB-R and the T-LBK460-HSB-R which is the backlit model that will show the signature as you are signing. Both are USB. We have been moving away from signature pads altogether for mobile staff, opting instead to use touch screen model computers that come with a stylus. Less gear generally equals less problem. For waiting rooms and that type of thing, the signature pad will still have a use.