KNOWN ISSUE: Scanning in Chrome version 57

Jessica Sommerfeld 7 years ago in Known Issues updated by anonymous 7 years ago 7

The ability to scan directly into Procentive is currently unavailable in the Chrome browser version 57. It is still working normally in other versions of Chrome and in the Internet Explorer browser.

We're working to resolve this and will let you know as soon as we have an update.

Is this still an issue? We have one staff who was not able to scan any longer, just this morning. She had already done the reinstall, about a month ago. I removed and reinstalled the scanner for her, and cleared her history on Chrome. I did not check to see which version she is using, but will see if an update will help, now.



This has been resolved therefore, if the staff are still experiencing an issue, please submit a ticket to the Procentive Support Desk with additional details.

Thank you!

I sent a ticket this morning, as well. Thanks!

Chrome updated to version 58 just 2 days ago. I was live chatting with someone regarding the Dynamsoft TWAIN scanning driver and they told me that Procentive would have to update again in order for us to scan in Chrome version 58. I don't have the capability to ticket, but am passing this issue on to one of our champions and will be using Internet Explorer until you all update again.

Brittany sent my ticket on to the engineers. I believe they are working on fixing the Chrome 58 issue. We are able to scan in Internet Explorer, for the time being.

We are able to scan in Chrome 58 today!