KNOWN ISSUES: Billing error -- Extra space in middle initial

Kevin Holmes 7 years ago in Known Issues updated 7 years ago 11

In order to prevent errors in claim submission and speed up the payment process for customers, Procentive recently started scrubbing claims data for extra spaces in areas like the client's name, address, policy ID, etc.

Today, for certain payers (not all of them), the system is showing an error that says, "The client's middle name may not have spaces before or after." In some cases, the error is a false error (meaning, there is not actually an extra space in the middle initial).

This problem will be resolved by tomorrow morning, as soon as our system updates overnight tonight.

Once the solution is confirmed to be working, we will update this post.

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Kevin Holmes

Can the Middle Initial field be masked to only accept a single character?

Under review

Jana, there are instances where the full middle name is needed. So I don't think this is something that can be done across the board.


If we are typing the full middle name I have noticed that it puts a period at the end of the name on clinical documents, is there any way if multiple characters are type in that space that the period does not show?


This issue has been resolved. If you have any further problems or errors with regarding an extra space in the client module, please send the details to the support desk through the ticketing system. Thank you!


Under review

UPDATE: Apparently, there are still some issues here with the middle initial. I apologize for sending out the "all clear" too quickly. We are looking at this again and hope to have it resolved soon.


I'm getting "clients first name may not have spaced before or after' error.

Crystal, most likely there is an extra blank space at the end of the clients first name, so you should go to the clients module and remove it. If there isn't an extra space, and you believe you are getting the error incorrectly, then please send a ticket with the client number and we will look into it. Thank you!


This issue was actually resolved yesterday during the day.

Some customers have also been asking of the "extra space" error is something new to Procentive. The answer is yes, we recently started scrubbing claims data to find extra spaces in places like the client name, and the client's policy id. We are doing this to eliminate unnecessary denials and rejections, and to speed up the payment process for everyone. The system will now warn you in both the Client Module and the Billing Module if it sees any extra spaces in these and a few other key areas.

If you have any questions, or if the system is still giving you false errors about extra spaces with the client's middle initial, or the client name, or elsewhere in the client module, please send us a ticket and we will investigate.

Thank you.

Appreciate these efforts to reduce denials (which saves us valuable time) and to speed up payments!

We were never getting the first name errors before and now all of a sudden I have a ton of them that are from clients we entered over a year ago. Why are we now getting this error?

Shayla, this is a more recent filter that was added to our system. While in some cases, the Payers were ignoring the extra space, there were other cases where it was problematic and causing unnecessary rejections. The filter works in the Billing Module and the Clients Module, so while you may see a bunch of warnings at first, over time the errors should disappear almost completely.