90785 Interactive Complexity

Jana 7 years ago in Time Module updated 7 years ago 3

Does anyone have any tips for helping staff remember to bill 90785 Interactive Complexity as appropriate?

We had one therapist that would bill 90785 along with 90837, 90834, 90832 for play therapy. The staff checking service lines in Time Module and Billing Modules was responsible for following up with therapist if they've billed 90785 in the past for a specific client but may have forgotten.

I don't really have a tip to help the therapist remember to bill 90785, but the above is the process we followed, and unfortunately, may have missed billing 90785 at times.

Could you put in an "authorization" in the Client Module, Payers Tab, then when the staff enters time they will see the authorization?

What specifically are you looking for? Are your staff not billing it at all or billing it incorrectly?

We are billing it, but sometimes staff catch it later so they bill it separately and apparently the time it takes for our business office staff to re-bill and reconcile with the main code is too much that it makes it not worth it to bill the code at that point. So we are trying to figure out a way to ensure staff consider this code at the same time they are billing their primary code.

The authorization idea is something to consider, although we have the 90785 programmed in to all our payers, so even those that do not require authorizations are displaying this in the Code drop-down so it's there - staff just need to remember to use it when appropriate.

Thanks for the feedback.