KNOWN ISSUES: Claim submission delay, including MN DHS

Kevin Holmes 7 years ago in Known Issues updated 7 years ago 1

This morning, Procentive identified a problem that was causing a delay in electronic claim submission. As of right now, this issue has been resolved for all clearinghouses and payers EXCEPT for Minnesota DHS/MN MA. We are currently working to resolve this issue and expect to have it fixed soon.

If your claims are currently "stuck" with a status of "Sent" in the Electronic Module -- DO NOT RESEND THESE CLAIMS.

We believe we will have the issue resolved shortly, without any need to resend to the payer. As soon as we have resolved this issue, we will update this post.


The claims delay with MN DHS has been resolved. Any submitted late yesterday and today should be showing as "Received" in the electronic module. If you have any questions about specific claims, please send a ticket to the help desk. Thank you.