Performance improvements -- An update from Procentive

Kevin Holmes 7 years ago in Known Issues updated by crystalp 7 years ago 3

Hello everyone,

We are still working hard to enhance the overall performance of Procentive for everyone. We are reaching out today to summarize the work we have been doing, and give you an idea of what is yet to come.

First, we continue to make enhancements to a variety of areas in the product in order to improve display times, and eliminate bad queries (searches that have the potential to slow things down). This has led to changes in the way information displays in Time, Clinical/Charting, and Ticketing, for example.

Second, we have added a server (with a solid-state drive) to manage the heavier modules in Procentive. This project is taking longer than anticipated, but we expect it to be live on the system by the end of this current week. The “heavier” modules within Procentive (like Clinical/Charting, Billing, and the Client Module) tend to require more processing power, either due to the number of records within the module, or due to the complex search queries that can be performed within them. The new server will handle these modules separately – making them faster, while preventing them from negatively impacting the rest of the system.

Third, we dedicated a new webserver to handle the traffic for staff at Procentive. This change was made last Thursday night, and it has helped to eliminate any potentially negative impact that Procentive staff might have had on the live site.

Fourth, we are upgrading our current mirror servers and replacing them with new servers, all with solid-state drives. We will begin implementing the new servers early this coming week.

We do apologize to everyone for the added frustration that recent performance issues have caused, and we ask for your continued patience as we put forth efforts to resolve the problem.

If you have further questions, please let us know.

Thank you,

Kevin Holmes

Director of Product Services

Thank you Kevin! I know for me having an understanding of everything that is going on is reassuring. I imagine you getting frustration from us is no more fun than us getting the frustrations from our staff. I appreciate the update!

Although we've experienced lags and slowness, it has not majorly impacted our work.
We appreciate all of your efforts to decrease the slowness, and are thankful for people that are gifted to create, fix and maintain an amazing product. We would not be able to function the way we do without the Procentive itself. Thank you Procentive team for all you do.

Thanks for the update! I can imagine there is a HUGE amount of information stored in Procentive's database so tech issues are going to happen. It's nice to get updates about known issues when they arise.