KNOWN ISSUES: Unable to Login

Jessica Sommerfeld il y a 7 ans dans Known Issues mis à jour par anonymous il y a 7 ans 6

At this time we are experiencing issues and you'll be receiving errors or be unable to login. We are working on this right now and hope to have this resolved soon.


This has been resolved and you can now login.

You can login now but we are experiencing a very very slow system.


You may continue some slowness as the system recovers from being down. This is improving as the day goes on and you should be back to normal shortly.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this.


You are aware that the system is still running extremely sluggish...slowww...loading pages, saving, etc.


I am experiencing 3 minute delay trying to get to TIME, and this is continuing. And is still trying? Working deadlines and unable to access data -- any update on time delays with system

We are still being dogged by a VERY S L O W system