Billing for tx plans

kathy 8 years ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by Shauna Dall 7 years ago 6

Has anyone started billing for CTSS tx plans, and if so, are MA and PMAPS paying for them?

Yes, we have and they are paying. H0032 UD

Good to know. Thanks, Shauna!

Are you billing this for in-home and outpatient services?

Just CTSS at this time. I believe we have something similar set-up for OP-MH but I don't bill that program so I'd have to look closer.

Shauna, When you bill these codes do you use the UA for primary FA and ITP development and then use the UA UD modifiers when billing the review and revision of these things?

We do not get reimbursed for writing CTSS treatment plans. We get reimbursed for the development of CTSS treatment plans for time spent with the client or collaterals developing, reviewing or modifying the ITP.



Brief Description


Service Limitations



Treatment Plan Development &Review

15 min.

Treat Authorization is required for more than 200 hours per client per calendar year for all

combined CTSS services.

Do not exceed 8 units for initial ITP development

Do not exceed 4 units for ITP reviews