KNOWN ISSUES -- Procentive is down -- RESOLVED

Kevin Holmes 8 years ago in Known Issues updated by Cindy P 4 months ago 19

Procentive servers are down right now. We are working to resolve the issue ASAP and will update this post once we have more information.

Under review

We are back up and running. Our engineers are still researching the issue, but they believe they have identified the cause of the problem and resolved it. We will continue to monitor the issue on our end and provide additional updates as needed.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this causes to all of you and your staff.


UPDATE -- Even thought we have identified and resolved the cause of the outage, Procentive may feel slow for a short amount of time while the system recovers. But the speed issue should resolve itself very soon.

Would this problem have wiped out every claim in my billing module? I had will over 300 claims to send and now they are gone.


The issue we are having would not cause the issue you are describing. It is more likely that data is taking long to display for you, given speed issues. Once we return to normal, if you still see this issue, then send in a ticket and we can assist. But the issue issue you are describing should resolve itself once the speed issue is resolved.


It has been slow since you sent the "resolved" update but we are getting errors again and are not even able to log on.


We are very sorry. Our system has crashed again. We will continue to update you from here as we have more news.


The system is accessible again. We are still monitoring everything on our end.


We seem to be able to access the system but then the error triggers every couple of minutes or so forcing us to log on again.


Still issues

Procentive Has Encountered an Error

The webserver has too many connections open to the database. If this problem persists, please notify the Procentive Help Desk with the following code: s501460606830.

We continue to have intermittent error messages as well. It will work, then errors then work again briefly.

Would this problem have wiped out all of my claims? I had well over 300 claims to file in the billing module and they are all gone now.

When my create new invoices box finally comes up it is empty as well.

Here is one error message I have gotten:

Procentive Has Encountered an Error

Please see the window for details. The reference is s50835780322.

UPDATE: We see that the system is continuing to throw errors and respond slowly, etc. We are very sorry that we haven't been able to resolve this for everyone, but we are still working on the solution. We will keep posting updates here as we have them.

UPDATE: We are not ready to give the "all clear", but error issues appear to be resolved, and operating speeds are in the process of returning to normal. We are continuing to monitor all systems on our end, and will post updates as needed.

Still recieving error messages when attempting to bill.

Hello Jennifer,

Can you send a ticket to us and include the specific details of the error? With each error, there is usually a button that says "Details". If you click this, you will see a bunch of language that explains the error. If you can paste this into a ticket, that would be helpful. Thank you.


At this point, we are calling the errors and speed issues from earlier today as resolved. Engineers are still researching what happened today so they can fully understand the cause. If you are still receiving errors or having speed issues, then please send a ticket via the Procentive Help Desk and we will look into it further for you. We are very sorry for the frustration and inconvenience that these performance issues may have caused.

Kevin Holmes

Director of Product Services

Is procentive down again?

This site can’t be reached

app.procentive.com refused to connect.



Is Procentive down again?