place of service codes

crystalp 7 years ago in Time Module updated by Shauna 7 years ago 4

Does anyone use place of service code "other unlisted facility 99" when meeting with a client in a place that is not identified in any of the other place codes, ie a Starbucks?

We have normally only used this code for travel time/mileage codes. Thanks

You may want to contact the insurance; as some insurance companies consider this place of service code obsolete.

We use POS code 99 for CTSS still. BCBS and Blue Plus are the only payer that we have ran into issues with so far. If they pull the claim they have been sending a letter out asking for documentation sent in. We just fax in the note and the claim pays, however, this takes longer and the Practitioner needs to ensure they are writing the location into the note - i.e. met with client at Starbucks.

We just received a letter for a denied claim bc of the place code as well. The BCBS rep that my co worker talked to said that we need to include a 'narrative'. Any idea of how to include that on the electronic claim, or do we have to fax the note in or both?


We have always just included a narrative on the note and faxed the note in after receiving the letter. Have not had any issues with processing this way. I suppose you could send the claim with the AUC and note narrative each time.