Vantage Users - Card Swipes

ahuseby 1 month ago in Billing/Electronic Modules 0

For those Procentive users that switched to Vantage, do any of you use Card Swipes by chance?  If you do, are you having any issues with them not pulling in the correct information?   

We were informed by Procentive that any generic card swipe would work and we used them with CMS with no issues.  But now that we switched to Vantage and use the card swipes, it pulls in the cc number but puts symbols in the front of the number and then cuts off the end of the number because of the symbols being entered at the beginning.  It also does not pull the expiration date or security code in.  

So just wondering if others are having this same issue, or if it is just something on our end for some reason.  We have a ticket in to Procentive about it but no resolution yet from them either.