LPCC - Medicare

ejallo 2 weeks ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by ahuseby 2 weeks ago 6

I know Medicare will credential LPCs as of 01/01/24, but will they credential an LPCC?

Yes. We have credentialed LPCC's with Medicare.

I received denials from Medicare on my two LPCC applications.  I spoke to someone and she explained that LPCs are allowed but not LPCCs.  

We have two staff who have been credentialed with Medicare who are LPCC's. I'm sorry you are both having issues with that. Are they licensing under your agency?

I am trying to credential them under our agency.  They are individually licensed.  

I'm sorry it isn't working. 

We have LPC, LPCC, LMFT & LCSW/LICSW's all credentialed with Medicare without any issues.  The LCSW/LICSW always could be, so its just the LPC, LPCC & LMFT that is as of 1/1/24.