Hennepin Health payments

Heather L. Heim 1 month ago in Payments/ERA Modules updated 1 month ago 4

Curious to know, has anyone with Hennepin Health clients received any "normal" payments from Henn Health with the cyber security issue?  The last two weeks, our payments were a super small fraction of what they normally are, and it doesn't look like we're getting a payment at all this week.

Hi we have not received any Hennepin Health remittances via Procentive. The checks are deposited into the bank but we are unable to post them. Anyone have an update on when Procentive will have remittances.

We haven't even received normal payments.  We got two small ones in the last two weeks, but nowhere near what our normal HH payments are.  And it looks like we aren't getting a HH payment this week either.

I believe all these issues are a result of the cyber attach on UHC/Change Healthcare... until that gets fixed, we probably won't see normal activity.

Yep, I'm aware of that.  Am just trying to get a pulse as to what other facilities are experiencing with HH payments currently.  This one of the only payers we continue to be impacted by.