DAANES Batch Uploading

Stephanie C. 8 years ago in Reporting Module updated by Jeremy Roelofs-Lynch 5 years ago 4

Is there anyone currently using Procentive to do their DAANES Batch uploading? I have some questions on the process...

We are fairly new to Procentive, but are successfully using the uploading feature to submit our DAANES

I attempted to use this but I was unsuccessful at finding a way of doing it (order of operations) that made sense for our processes. With errors happening I found it was just as much work to go in and fix them. Plus we note Procentive with the DAANES number and when it was completed for billing purposes. 

Best practices?


I review the completed DAANES in Procentive before running the 5055 report. I have found that there are certain areas where incorrect information can result in rejections, which are difficult to manage. For the Admission DAANES, Child Protection is the area. If the client states "yes" to having children under 18, then the question stating if client is involved with child protection services cannot be answered with "Not applicable - No children" this will cause a full rejection. I do scan the entire form and make sure all areas are filled out completely. For the Discharge DAANES, I scan for completeness and focus attention to the following areas: Diagnosis - for some reason there are old and new codes found. The only codes that are being accepted are the new codes which have (mild or moderate/severe following) if the incorrect code is used it will not be accepted during the upload. Next is Alcohol and Drug Use - the days of use in the past 30 days must match the days listed for each substance abuse problem. Then lastly is the client assessment, all need to answered unless you are answering "yes" to receiving services in a language you could understand. If this is yes than the next two questions can be blank.

I work in the Billing Department and keep my own tracking for DAANES to know what the number is and which ones need to be completed. Our facility process is also to record this number in the notes and document when complete so that anyone can step in and take over. Before we began using Procentive, I was in charge of entering all this data into the state website. I will tell you that after I made it through the learning curve of what would reject, I save many HOURS worth of work by utilizing this feature and would never dream of going back!