Eligibility Module - MN MA & PMAP's

ahuseby 2 months ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated 2 months ago 2

Is anyone having issues with the eligibility module not giving them a response back for clients that have MN MA or a PMAP?  We were having no issues getting responses back on Monday (2/12) but starting Tuesday (2/13) we run the check and we don't get an error nor a response.  Any other payer besides MN MA/PMAP's are working, without issues. 

Procentive said they haven't heard from any other provider, so they are of no help on this and they can't see anything on their side that would be causing this.  We didn't change a thing from Monday to Tuesday that would be causing this either, so we are at a complete loss here. 

I had an issue with a single client eligibility check earlier this week. I recall it was a PMAP. No error, or response, just a white window.


Yeah-  the left side of the report lists the client information that is set up in their client file - but on the right side where it normally is the response from the payer, it's just white - no error/response, nothing.