ALL Claims for ALL Payers Rejected

ejallo 5 months ago in Billing/Electronic Modules updated by ahuseby 5 months ago 6

All the claims I submitted yesterday, for all payers, were rejected for "Error Message: Element NM103 (Name Last or Organization Name) is missing. This Element's user option is 'Must Use'. Segment NM1 is defined in the guideline at position 2500."

Did this happen to anyone else?  Wondering if this is Procentive problem or if something changed somewhere in our setup.


Not all of our claims, but some of them rejected for this same issue, yes.    I've never seen this before either, so wondering if it was something to do with the updates they made on 1/31/24, that are now causing claims to reject. 

Happened to to us as well...

Same thing happened to us.  Not all claims but some claims sent to HP and UCare rejected with the same error codes.  Sending a ticket/case to Procentive now.

We had this too for HP Commercial, HP PMAP, BluePlus PMAP and UCare PMAP.   We have not changed one thing on our end on how we bill.  I've sent a claim to Procentive.

I opened a CRISIS ticket at 3:00 am and haven't received any response.

This is what I got back on my ticket from Procentive about the issue:

There appears to have been a bad coding update that caused these issues. The coding has been reversed and the issue should be resolved now. Please resend the claims.