Aging Report

Jennifer 8 years ago in Accounting/Collections Modules updated by Stephanie C. 8 years ago 8

Hey guys, have any of you found a report other than the collections report that you can use as an aging? I thought the billed items search report would work, but it doesnt look like it is pulling all DOS that have a balance on them in... Do you have anything that would work?

Report 3260, Non-paying Clients

But, is this report for self pay balances or all balances?

I am looking for a report that will show me client DOS date of invoice, the client name and if there is a balance on it. For all payers. I really dont like the way the collections module works for clients because we bill weekly not daily. So its easier to see all DOS in a week rather than touch the same claim 4-5 times.

Have you tried the 1030 report?

I have I am currently working with it I am just noticing it doesnt always pull all DOS that have a balance. So I am wondering if maybe I ran it wrong

What parameters are you using?

im using the invoice date so any thing before 9/30 should be run then I am allowing all feilds to be run. I then filter it down to what I need in Excel. I also sort it in excel to show the most recently billed to what was first billed and work it that way

And what are you finding that is missing?