TherapyBrands claims and Procentive Ticketing systems

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First I'd like to say I am trying to keep an open mind and am all in favor of change, if it make sense and is actually more efficient.

I'm wondering how the new claims system is working for others? Are you also seeing a delay in response times?

I am struggling with generating a claim and no longer being able to link it to a page. It would be useful if the ticketing system continued to exist but they filtered it into claims for us. I find it challenging to generate a claim, copy and paste information from Procentive and hope you have it all going between two systems and then when you do receive an update, you have to go back into Procentive to hunt and search for where you were needing assistance. I am not overly fond of the feed system and entering in a comment as you are unable to minimize the comment box to read other comments. I usually have to prep my comment in a word document to ensure I am capturing all I need from the claim and then copy and paste into it. Not a very good use of time or ease of use of the product.

I am trying to understand how this new system is advantageous to us as customers when we have to log into yet another portal/website, no longer having access directly to page issues in Procentive and delays in response times. I'm not sold that this is a more useful and better system.

Wondering what others think of it and if you are loving it, please share any tips or useful things you are experiencing please.

Feeling the exact same way. I really miss the linking we were able to do before. And yes, I'm seeing that the response time has slowed down a lot.

I just wish I could get into the new system. Haven't been able to yet. I sent an email, but no response so far.

I agree.. Not easy at all.  Response time is slow. Reading the comments / responses is difficult. 

I made case the very first day and issue has yet to be resolved. (we can not edit our ticket titles)

Though I'm disappointed to hear others are not finding this new system desirable, at least I know I am not out on an island of my own feeling this way.

I'd like to believe they would take a look at client/user impact and find a better way for Procentive users to connect with needed assistance.

I wouldn't hold your breath.. Ever since Procentive was sold to Therapy Brands its been down hill. 

We have requested actual training since the video/webinar was not even accurate as far as how the new site looked. From the sound of things, Procentive/BillCare staff did not receive training, either. They are struggling just as much as we are, I think. It seems risky to be taking information from one system and putting it into another system. The exposure for a breech of some sort seems probable. We were also told that, as BillCare clients, we would be given additional information as to how we should navigate this new system. That still has not been received. We met with our Therapy Brands rep last week and were told someone would be reaching out to give us more information/training - we have yet to see that. It is very difficult to have to copy and paste what previously would just link to a ticket, into the new "case" system. Our rep didn't even know how to see the attachments when I sent a statement that was incorrectly processed. I was asked who the clients was and explained the client's information was on the attachment. This is very frustrating, for sure. You are definitely not alone.

I was able to at least get a really nice gal to help me get set up on Therapy Brands webpage. If you are not set up yet you need a link sent to you so you can set up a password. If you go to the site and it already has your user and password filled in you will be going in a circle of trying to resent password.  You need the link sent to you to create a password. My person was amanda.throldahl@therapybrands.com   she was very nice. 

I wish when we are in Procentive and hit "create a ticket" that it just took you right there to do the ticket on their site versus signing into another software. And totally agree with attaching documents etc... not a good situation. They need to relook at how this is set up. I'm on that island with you all :) 

For me, the additional portal has had the effect of making the process of obtaining Procentive support more difficult. I miss the responsiveness of the old days. The new portal diminishes the level of service, for sure!

I have been working with the new TherapyBrands Portal since it was launched and have met with all of the same frustrations. I gave it a fair trial, but I'm at my wits end. It was a very poor roll-out (in December-really??) I've been working with a Procentive Customer Service rep on other concerns I've had about Procentive since they were sold to Therapy Brands and she acknowledged the poor roll-out. I was also told that NO ONE monitors this forum, so we are writing into a deep dark hole, but can maybe benefit from knowing we aren't alone in it. 

I would encourage people to reach out to a Procentive customer service rep and voice your complaints, as I did feel heard and was promised that she would communicate my concerns up the ladder. 

The new portal was presented as a way to get our tickets to the right department quicker with faster resolutions. I now have to click 3 drop-downs to get my "case" to go where they used to go by default. It appears to be a solution that will make their workflow easier but does nothing for the customer. I was getting 15 emails a day from at least 4 different email addresses, the emails don't load into the cases chronologically and need to be opened one at a time. I get notification messages that don't get recorded in the case anywhere, so that's another place I need to look for info about an issue. I can't attach info from Procentive without downloading it to my computer and uploading it into the new portal---increasing HIPAA risks.  I can't add staff to "cases," so I have to send a separate Procentive ticket, monitor for their response, then transfer the info to the new portal. Info is going to get lost, and it's ridiculously time-consuming. I'm trying to be a therapist and see clients---Procentive is not meeting my needs.

Thank you for your feedback.

We are currently experiencing a high volume of support requests at this time. We are working hard to reduce our backlog of support cases, but during this time you may see a delay in response times.

We appreciate your patience at this time as we work to get your cases resolved as quickly as possible.

We will be providing updates on the Live Updates page as we work towards stabilizing our response times.

Additionally, we will be offering office hours this week for users to join and ask any questions as it relates to the portal.

Office hours: Click here to join the meeting

Thursday, January 18th at 11 AM CST - 12 PM CST

Friday, January 19th at 1 PM CST - 2PM CST

If you are having any issues trying to access the portal, you can reach out to us by going to Therapy Brands Community Portal and clicking "Contact Us" to fill out a request for support to gain access to your portal account.

We will be taking this feedback and working to prepare additional training resources for users for the new portal. We will be sharing these additional resources to our Live Updates page once they are available.

If you have further concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be working to address your questions and concerns as soon as possible.

I had the same feeling from my Customer Service rep - but it has been over a week since we were told we would get personal training on the new system. Still waiting to be contacted.

I would encourage every user that is dissatisfied with this new system to reach out in a claim to TherapyBrands with hopes they will listen to it's users and better assist us.  

Holly - That is great that we are having some very last minute training available to us users.  I sure hope this information is going to go out to every Procentive user in an email instead of it being limited to this small audience in the Procentive Community.

This is the claim I have submitted today that I hope to receive a response on.  Obviously submitted after Holly had commented.

Who can we get at a higher level to go into the Procentive User Community and review the multiple comments regarding this new case system in TherapyBrand and how it is not working well for Procentive users? Our response times are exceptionally slow, the system is cumbersome and not efficient at all. We as Procentive ticket users have lost the capacity to timely connect with Procentive staff and more importantly link related pages to issues. This current system does not work well or make sense for Procentive users. I'm all for change if it provides ease and efficiency, however this system currently does none of that.

The training video that has been provided is significantly lacking in how this new system works or how it is of any benefit to Procentive users.

Something needs to be done to better assist us, your Procentive users. We pay for a service and I feel it's fair to say, expect that service to be professional and most importantly, useful. We had a ticketing system that worked for us, I'd highly encourage it being revisited to going back to that same service that provided better features, functions, connectivity to issues, better tracking and more timely response time of Procentive staff.

If this case system is to remain, for the best interest of all users, please consider integrating this case system to Procentives ticket system so Procentive users keep all of their functions and filter it back to TherapyBrands to compartmentalize into their cases? We didn't ask for this new system that generates more work for us that has taken away our user ability.

I am kindly asking that the response to this is not to create a case for Product review. Please assign powers that be to this ticket so they can address a better resolution to these problems that did not exist before. I believe I have provided clear information for them to go by and they are certainly welcome to directly contact me or I'm sure any of the other Procentive users within the Community group that are feeling this same disappointment and frustration.

This system should never have been rolled out without proper training of your staff and it's users.

I look forward to hearing back from someone that can assist with this issue.

Thank you - Chris