Unable to send tickets or access chat

Laura Anderson 4 months ago in User Group Help updated by AmyB 4 months ago 9

We have sent several tickets over the past few weeks that don't look like they normally do and haven't been assigned to anyone at Procentive. Usually we get a response fairly quickly with tickets.

I tried to ask what was going on through chat, however, those of us at our agency who have access to chat no longer have that as an option (unless it has changed how to send a chat?)

Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a number or an email of someone at Procentive we can directly talk to? I'm not finding one.

I also noticed that the chat icon has disappeared. Checked the live updates page and do not see anything regarding this feature. 

The support portal has moved.  The new address is Support.therapybrands.com

Therapy Brands sent out emails on the change you have to do tickets on Therapy Brands portal now. They are unable to see any tickets in Procentive any longer. You will have to get access to the portal to set up an account. email them at Support.therapybrands.com  I'm not even sure that this community forum is even being monitored by Procentive. 

The initial email about this was on 12/12 I believe.  Make sure someone is getting those announcements for your agency.  This one came from communications@therapybrands.com.

Sorry - initial email was on 11/29/23 - Therapy Brands Community Portal Coming Soon!   :)

Ticketing was moved to a new platform.  It all goes through Salesforce now.  

Have your "Champion" staff check their email. I believe the correspondence only went to users with Champion as their role and they had to request for other staff to receive the invite to the new portal. Ticketing is pretty much only for internal communication within your company/agency, now. The new site is a bit confusing to navigate, in my opinion.

Hello User Community,

As a reminder, this new portal is where you can submit support tickets, view open tickets, and find knowledge base articles all under one roof!

Here are a Few Helpful Tips and Reminders

  • The Community Portal is live! Portal invites have been sent out to create your username and password. *If you do not see the email from support@therapybrands.com, please check your spam or junk folder. If it is not in your spam folder, please contact support by clicking Contact Us on support.therapybrands.com and submitting a case (ticket).
  • Following the link that was sent will allow you to set a password for the Community Portal and grant you access to your new account. Make sure you save your password so that you can easily access the Community Portal in the future!
  • Once your password has been created, please log-in to the Portal at support.therapybrands.com prior to submitting a case.

Please also check your spam or junk folder for any case responses. Once you mark the sender as a "known sender," these should no longer feed into the spam or junk folders.

so how long does it take for them to answer a ticket i have submitted several to ask to get set up on the Portal and also for issues we are having an nothing--