245G forms for 2024

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HNY fellow 245G providers!  

Wondering who is using the newly revised Procentive forms: 

  • PRO-245G-1100S Comprehensive Assessment (245GS)
  • PRO-245G-1101S Comprehensive Assessment Summary (245GS)
  • PRO-245G-1200S Individual Treatment Plan (245GS)
  • PRO-245G-1300S Documentation of Treatment Services/Treatment Plan Review (245GS)
  • PRO-245G-1301 245G Simple Progress Note
  • PRO-245G-1400S Service Discharge Summary (245GS)
  • PRO-245G-1000 Initial Services Plan and Vulnerable Adult Determination (245G)

Versus other new forms from Pro which are not SIMPLE. 

Feedback is appreciated!


Hi Kim,

I am looking at them, but to meet our specific needs for 245G- nonresidential, we have found the Procentive forms are not thorough enough to meet our needs and are paying Procentive to have others developed with the new regulations.

I was afraid that would be the case. Are the "expanded" forms better?

  • PRO-245G-1000 ISP and VA Determination
  • PRO-245G-1001 Intake - Client Information
  • PRO-245G-1002 Intake - Substance Use
  • PRO-245G-1003 Intake - Physical and Mental Health
  • PRO-245G-1004 Intake - Legal, Education and Vocation
  • PRO-245G-EP1125 State Rule 25 Assessment
  • PRO-245G-EP1127 Rule 25 Assessment Placement Summary
  • PRO-245G-EP1100 245G Comprehensive Assessment and Summary
  • PRO-245G-EP1101 245G Comprehensive Assessment Summary
  • PRO-245G-EP1140 DAANES Client Admission 245G
  • PRO-1141 DAANES Comprehensive Assessment
  • PRO-245G-EP1200 245G Treatment Plan
  • PRO-245G-EP1300 245G Progress Note/Treatment Plan Review
  • PRO-245G-1302 Individual Progress Note (245G)
  • PRO-245G-1303 Group Progress Note (245G)
  • PRO-245G-EP1336 DAANES 6 Month Review 245G
  • PRO-245G-EP1400 245G Discharge Summary
  • PRO-245G-EP1440 DAANES Discharge 245G

We have a very small program, but obviously need to comply with 2024 regs...


I haven't reviewed all of these yet.  

We are also not a big agency and so "efficiency" is very important for time management and "writing" repeat information in several areas is time consuming.  Therefore, we do not use any of Procentive "standard" forms as the flow of the information isn't conducive for us either.  Again, developing forms for our use is very expensive, but in the long run, it is what works best for us.  I really wish we had the ability to independently "change" a word or phrase in Procentive standard documents, vs. having to pay for a whole new form and wait to make a few changes, that would be ideal.

Here is just an example of my concern that the Procentive form are not thorough enough for our needs and the current changes.  

  • PRO-245G-1100S Comprehensive Assessment (245GS)

An alcohol and drug counselor may gather and document the information in paragraphs (b) and (c) when completing a comprehensive assessment according to section 245G.05.


(6) any immediate risks to the client's health and safety, including withdrawal symptoms, medical conditions, and behavioral and emotional symptoms;

(7) the client's perceptions of the client's condition;

(8) the client's description of the client's symptoms, including the reason for the client's referral;

(9) the client's history of mental health and substance use disorder treatment; and


(1) the client's relationship with the client's family and other significant personal relationships, including the client's evaluation of the quality of each relationship;

(2) the client's strengths and resources, including the extent and quality of the client's social networks;

(3) important developmental incidents in the client's life;

(4) maltreatment, trauma, potential brain injuries, and abuse that the client has suffered;

(5) the client's history of or exposure to alcohol and drug usage and treatment; and

(6) the client's health history and the client's family health history, including the client's physical, chemical, and mental health history.

Again, this is just my own opinion.

If you are a champion, ask for a sandbox account. There you can look at all the forms Procentive has. Procentive did update the 245G extended forms to include documentation to what you are looking for.